Early-stage learning toys for growing kids

Designed for early-stage creative learning, Hand & Eye coordination, early-stage child development. These toys are designed to cater to the needs of small children from 3 yrs.   to 5 yrs.  while playing with these toys, children can learn. These are all activity-based toys. Some toys require adult supervision and help while some can be given to children to explore and enhance their imagination. Informative puzzles to complete and learn. These toys are conceptualized in such a way so that any toy of this group can help in the early learning and growth of a child.
o Designed for early-stage creative learning,
o   Hand & Eye coordination
o   early-stage child development. 
o   Fine motor

Laptop Slate

Design Board 

Balancing Tree

Toy Book Animal 2

Toy Book Birds 

Toy Book Animal 1

Toy Book Transport 

Toy Book Fruit & Veg

Puma Puzzle Boardgame 

Naughty Five Boardgame

Climbing Monkey

Climbing Man

Technybirds Fish Puzzle

Technybirds Beetle Puzzle

Technybirds Starfish Puzzle

Technybirds Frog Puzzle

Elementa toys from Technybirds STEM toys ​

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A wonderful toy for cognitive and motor development for the growing child. The toy enhances the imagination of the child by making numerous designs and shapes, different digits and letters. One Toy for multiple learning.

  • Board -1, Pegs -81, Foam Shapes: Big round, Small round, Triangle and other shapes, Rubber band pack, Example design booklet