STEM toys, toy guns, technybirds
STEM toys, toy guns, technybirds
STEM toys, toy guns, technybirds
STEM toys, toy guns, technybirds

Rubber band powered wooden toy guns have a long history. long back these guns were first patented in England, but still the charm of these wooden guns does not fades out. Every child wishes to play with these toy guns. The reason behind toy guns has such a strong attraction is there ammunition is cheap and unlimited, simple to operate, These toy guns have different modes to choose from single shot to automatic. The most important reason to purchase them is  their eco friendly in nature .

It depends up on the model of a gun, it can range from single rubber band to thousands of rubber bands. It comes with the name of single shot toy guns to Gatling toy guns. Single shot is obvious form its name but Gatling toy gun shoots like automatic machines gun. with the help of handle in a wheel.

Toy guns come in many forms and functionalities. Selecting the best is a difficult task. These guns shoot hard plastic pallets or soft pallets. Some guns have an electronic device for light and sound. Though the replica of guns always attracts children, but in many countries, these guns are banned as a toy So as a parent we must select a toy which is safe and full of fun. Wooden rubber band guns are the obvious choice for the parents.

It is difficult to select one, because there are many types of toy guns available in Market. but one of the best and safe guns available is a rubber band-powered wooden gun. These guns have everlasting attraction since their introduction to their market.

No, Toy guns are not illegal, with the certain caveat they should not be replicas of the original Gun in production. In the US antique guns are allowed to sell as replicas. In India you can not travel with replica guns in airplanes, metro and other secured places.  If the guns are producing more energy than the 20 joules then these guns are not permitted to keep without Licence from authorities.

Generally speaking Majority of the rubber band toy gun ranges from 20 ft. to 50 ft. Range of a toy gun depends upon the type of rubber band being used, so the power of any toy gun depends upon the energy stored in rubber band.

Yes, these toy guns shoot harmless & Safe Rubber bands. Children make groups and play in different ways with these toy guns.

These toy guns are made up of high-quality engineered wood. So toy guns are eco-friendly in nature.

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  1. Ramesh

    I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy and safety of this toy gun. It’s perfect for both kids and adults

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  2. Ankit

    I love this toy! It’s perfect for both children and grown-ups. I was able to shoot accurately and safely at a distance of 25 feet, which is great for aiming targets and gun fights. The toy also comes with a police badge and key chain, making it even more fun and authentic. Highly recommend!

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  3. Anjani singh

    This is a great toy for children and big boys alike. It’s safe, accurate, and fun to shoot. I especially love the police badge and key chain! The toy is easy to operate, and the range is good for playing target practice or gunfights. It makes a great gift for the kids or yourself.

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  4. Gautam

    I am very impressed with the AWM-Sniper Gun Toy! This is a great toy for kids and adults alike. The accuracy and safety is awesome, and the range is great too. It’s perfect for gun fights or aiming targets.

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  5. Vishal

    This is a great hunting toy for kids and big boys alike. The sniper gun is accurate and safe, shooting five rubber band-powered shots in one go. The toy also comes with a police badge and key chain, making it the perfect accessory for role-playing gun battles or aiming targets. It’s sure to provide endless big fun.

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  6. Dheeraj

    Endless Big Fun not only for kids but suitable for big boys. Accurate and Safe shooting rubber band powered wood toy gun. Automatic shots in one go. Range 25 feet. Decent for the price. the gun was great!

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  7. Manav

    AWM-Sniper Rubber Band Gun is an excellent toy for all. It is a bolt-action toy with automatic shots in one go. The AWM-Sniper rubber band gun shoots accurately to a range of about 20 feet and has 5 shots per cycle. This is the perfect toy for your future snipers, as it is safe and accurate. Bullets are made from wood and rubber bands. The police badge and key chain make the AWM-Sniper a perfect gift.

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