Wooden Educational Toys

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How these toys turn science into fun. One can play and feel them. Every toy has a different interesting motion, which is explained in the terms of science. you can call them physics toys.

These motions are explained in terms of wading duck and its duckling, moving on the ramp under gravity, or pecking bird (woodpecker) which is coming down pecking with sound under gravity.

These toys have rhythmic movement and provide beauty and satisfaction to the beholder’s eye.

This toy serves the best purpose as a desk toy to break the monotony of the work.


Toys are designed to provide unlimited fun to all age groups.

Toys are based on the principles of physics.

Some toys are based on gravity and others are using friction to create wonderful actions.


Technybirds Woodpecker 
Technybirds Tumbling Man
Technybirds Snake Fight
Technybirds Wading Duck
Technybirds Duck Fight
Technybirds Funny Bunny
Technybirds Guitar
Technybirds Climbing Moneky