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STEM toy Aero modelling Experiment Toy KIT

  • Easy assembly of Three Models.
  • Enjoy flying an Indore glider.
  • Carry wind tunnel test and record its results.
  • Understand Principles of Flight by using a throw-away model.
  • Assembly instruction sheet

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Eco Friendly Material

Non alkoyd based paint

No sharp edge

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions41 × 25 × 5 cm


The aeromodelling Kit by Technybirds is the most distinctive among the airplane toys on amazon. These are not airplane toys. Then this is the best toy for growing kids, if you are looking for an aircraft model kit, it suits the purpose. it contains a set of wings, tails, horizontal and vertical stabilizers. This box comes with an airplane toy set, an airplane assembly toy, and three Styrofoam gliders for indoor flights.

These airplane parts are provided to conduct wind tunnel experiments. While conducting different experiments, a child can take the readings and other observations regarding aerofoil and different types of wings.

This toy kit falls into the category of learning toys for kids.

STEM toy

A Styrofoam walkalong glider is also provided in this kit. A child can learn to fly walk-along gliders by watching videos on youtube.

A booklet inside this kit tells you how to tweak with different parts for different types of flying.

This STEM Toy Kit is designed to create immense interest in flying and simplify the principles behind it.

This kit comes with the airplane glider toy, where a child can learn to take a walk along with the glider. Which is an indoor toy and can be played for long hours. The design of the glider is also given in the assembly book. If you are looking for toy airplane kits with a lot of educational value, this kit serves the purpose of a Stem toy. This kit teaches “how an airplane flies”. The science behind it….

A Toy by Indian Toy Manufacturing company.



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