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Hydropower Science Educational (STEM Toy)

  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Understand and learn how electricity is produced in gravity flow dams.
  • The model is provided with a turbine, blades, dynamo, and powerhouse.
  • Measure the amount of current produced with the change of flow of water from different heights.
  • Assembly Kit and Activity Sheet

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Eco Friendly Material

Non alkoyd based paint

No sharp edge

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions41 × 25 × 5 cm


Technybirds presents the best toys for growing kid which falls in the category of STEM toys in India

A water turbine Kit is the best way to teach about the hydroelectric generation of power.

This water turbine model for students is suitable to teach them, how gravity flow dam works.

When a child puts this toy and strong water current, they understand how electricity is generated.

The toy comes with turbine blades, dynamo, belt

STEM toys

This toy is suitable for the water turbine model for the exhibition, Science project, and school project. This STEM toy is best to demonstrate how electricity is generated.

The biggest and most prominent part of this toy is the water turbine wheel.

This toy comes with a small dynamo to produce electricity This turbine has a meter to measure the produced current in the powerhouse.

This water turbine has videos on youtube about its functioning and assembly.

After assembling this STEM toy child can put it underwater current to produce electricity.

So, if you are looking for a good STEM Toy for your child then this water turbine working model can be your best choice.

A Toy by Indian Toy Manufacturing company.



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