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Balancing Tree Toy

Balance the tree with Hanging Monkeys of two groups

  • Made of Lightwood and safe
  • Balance the tree with hanging monkeys
  • To learn the weight and balance
  • Learn analytical skills
  • Create a monkey story.

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Eco Friendly Material

Non alkoyd based paint

No sharp edge

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions26 × 18 × 5 cm


This DIY educational kit is designed, to explain the principles of balance to kids. this toy comes with a tilting tree and two monkey families. This toy is full of fun and learning.

To balance it the size and the number of the monkeys should be the same. It is designed and manufactured by an Indian toy manufacturing company.

The child assembles the tree and hangs different monkeys to both branches of the tree .it is the best toy for the growing kid.

As a preschool toy, many stories can be woven around it to keep the children involved and give them the concept of weight balancing.

This wooden balancing toy tree is a good toy for young age learning.

A Toy by Indian Toy Manufacturing company.


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  1. Nihal singh

    I love Balancing Tree Toys! They are so engaging and help with fine motor skills and cognitive development. My son loves playing with them and telling stories about the monkeys. We have had the toy for a few weeks, and it has held up well – no squeaks or fractures. This toy is definitely worth the price. The monkeys are light enough that they don’t put stress on little fingers, yet the tree is sturdy enough that it doesn’t tip over quickly. My son loves trying to figure out how to balance the tree and the monkeys.

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  2. Ashish

    I absolutely love this toy! It’s so innovative and something that I’ve never seen before. It is perfect for kids who are interested in learning about math and analytical skills. The monkey story that you create is also a great way to distract them and keep them occupied. The monkey story is one of the best aspects of the toy, as it is very intriguing and keeps the child engaged, but I think it’s worth the investment.

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  3. Subhash

    My 3 year old loves this activity. It is simple enough that she can do it on her own (and without help), but challenging enough that she keeps trying to do better. The monkeys are made of safe light wood, so she can’t break them. And they are just the right weight – not too heavy or too light. There is also a story booklet that comes with the set, which my daughter loves to read. Overall, a great purchase for a fun and imaginative toy.

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  4. Sanjeev

    Three-and-a-half year old son loves this toy! It is a great way to help teach analytical skills, as well as how to balance things. The monkeys are easy to hang and make a lot of noise when moving around. My son spends hours playing with this toy.

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  5. Kavita

    What an excellent way to learn analytical skills and improve hand-eye coordination! The monkeys are both fun and educational, and the tree is surprisingly easy to balance. It’s perfect for any age, and I’m so excited to continue playing with it. Highly recommend.

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  6. Suhani

    I found this toy to be very positive. It is made of lightwood and is safe. It balances the tree with hanging monkeys and teaches the weight and balance. I also found it to be educational and fun. The monkey story was a nice touch.

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  7. Aditiya

    I found this toy to be very positive. It is made of lightwood and is safe for children to play with. The monkey hangs from a light beam, providing a balance for the tree. The monkey story provides a fun way for children to learn about weight and balance.

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  8. Rajveer

    The Balance Tree Toy is a great way to learn about weight and balance. The monkey dolls are made of lightwood and are safe for children to play with. They can be balanced by using their hands and feet, and they can learn analytical skills by balancing the tree. The monkey story is also fun and entertaining.

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  9. Kamal

    The Balance Tree Toy is a great way to learn about balance and how to use it in everyday life. The toy is made of light wood and is safe for children to play with. It has a hanging monkey that can be balanced by using its weight, and the monkey story can be created by adding different animals to the tree.I would suggest everyone to take it

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  10. Raj singh

    This toy is amazing! It is light and safe, and it is perfect for learning analytical skills. The monkey story is also great for creating a monkey story. I found it fun and educational.i like it for my kid.

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