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Toy Book (Animal 2)

Toy Book is conceptualized and designed as a STEM toy. It provides the joy of a toy and knowledge of a book. It engages the child in a creative formation. It is the best tool for learning coordination and is tested for the age group of three and above.

Engage your Child in Creative Formations of Animals with interesting information

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Eco Friendly Material

Non alkoyd based paint

No sharp edge

Weight0.39 kg
Dimensions28 × 23 × 6 cm


This is an animal toys set for kids. This set provides five different Zoo animal toys. Each 3d animal toy can be made with given instructions and body parts. This is the best Learning toy for growing kids.

This is a beautiful puzzle set STEM toy, which a child can play with a lot of interest. Each animal comes with specific information about its habitat food and other habits.

When a child is involved in making these animals.it becomes very easy for them to learn because of associative learning. Children can retain this information forever.

Toy Book

The entire animal planet toy zoo set can be made step by step. These toys can be made multiple times.

Children can try to assemble them in different ways.

It is designed to learn coordination and develop the cognitive ability of a child.

The objective is to teach sequencing and learning about different animals.

Each STEM toy Toy book does not come with an animal Learning  toy story, but

child-centric information is provided and it tells

About their food and habitat and other interesting information about them. It serves as a DIY educational kit and learning toy for kids.

A Toy by Indian Toy Manufacturing company.


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  1. Hardik

    Toy Book is a great tool for learning coordination and has interesting information on each animal. My son loved looking at the pictures and learning about the different animals. The best part is that it encourages creativity and helps develop skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

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  2. Deepak

    Toy Book is the most amazing toy I have ever come across. I have a two-year-old son and he absolutely loves it. He loves the concept of it – that it’s a toy that teaches STEM concepts – and he really enjoys reading the information inside. It’s definitely helped him develop coordination and creativity. It’s also great for ages 3 and up, as the information is appropriate for that age group. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

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  3. Gautam

    Toy Book is an interesting and creative toy. My son engaged the entire time he is playing with it. He loved the concept of the toy and found the animals to be very interesting. This toy is well made and provided hours of fun. I would recommend it to others.

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  4. Divya

    I absolutely love Toy Book! It is the perfect way to engage my child in creative formations of animals with interesting information. The toy is well-made and provides HOURS of fun. I love that it is conceptualized and designed as a STEM toy – it provides the joy of a toy and knowledge of a book. It engages the child in a creative formation. It is the best tool for learning coordination and is tested for the age group of three and above. I highly recommend Toy Book to anyone looking for a way to engage their child in stimulating activities!

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  5. Sani

    I absolutely loved Toy Book! The information was so interesting and well-organized, it was like I was reading a book. The illustrations were also very beautiful and helped me understand the concepts even better. The toy itself is really fun and engaging, and my daughter loved playing with it. It provides extra educational value by engaging the child in creative formations of animals. I would definitely recommend Toy Book to anyone looking for a fun, educational toy!

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  6. Aman

    This book is an adorable little book that I purchased as a gift for my niece! It’s small but has plenty of pages to hold her interest and give her a great animal science learning experience.
    I was impressed by the interactive features and that the animals are organized in a way that makes sense. The book is thoughtfully designed i like it .

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  7. ashif

    I live with two small kids. My daughter is 2 years old and my son is 3 years old. We were looking for a book that could grab their attention in order to introduce them to a new language (Spanish). This book was the perfect thing.

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  8. Nitin

    The toy aspect of it really engaged my daughter and she loved putting the pieces together and seeing the animal images come to life for her. This book has a lot of different animals, so you don’t get bored with it. I would recommend this book for any kids looking to learn Spanish, at the age of 3-5 year old.

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  9. Niharikha singh

    Wow you book is really very good, it has photos of animals, which my son is very happy to see, the best thing is that this book is of wood, which is not even afraid of bursting. This will go on for quite some time. I will ask everyone to take it .

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  10. Suhani

    We absolutely loved Toy Book! My son is three years old, and this was perfect for him. He loved being able to learn and create together. The book is full of interesting information and the toy is a great way to reinforce the learning. It’s also really fun to play with! We highly recommend this product.

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